Our Competitive Teams are designed for dedicated dancers who want to get the most out of competitive dance. We have 3 different levels/ competitive programs available, as well as ensemble teams.


(there is a $5.00 fee to audition)

Dancers will be asked to fill out an audition form when they arrive. 

Dancers do not need to prepare anything for the auditions. Dancers will be guided through a warm up (testing strength and flexibility), as well across the floor exercises. Dancers will then be taught 2 dance combo’s (one Lyrical, one Hip-Hop) which they will perform in small groups for the panel.


Attention Advanced Dancer:

We are offering Summer Intensive Training with our high level competitive teachers at the Leamington location.

To register for one of our intensives please contact the office.

* Mini Company Team  *     

(Offered at both the Chatham & Leamington locations)

This team is for dancers between the ages of 3 – 7 years.

Dancers will train fewer hours than our other teams, and compete in the mini division at dance competitions. The styles of dance that they will be competing will be determined by the teacher.

Required classes:

  • 1 recreational class
  • 1 hour of competitive technique
  • Competitive dance rehearsals

* Company 1 Team *     – (Pre Competitive)

(Offered at both the Chatham & Leamington locations)

Dancers who train on this team will train less than 6 hours per week. They are required to attend separate team training technique and choreography rehearsals, as well as weekly technique classes. Dancers will take part in dance competitions and represent Cassiah’s Dance Company at performances.

Required classes:

  • Competitive technique training
  • 1 Recreational technique class
  • 1 Recreational Hip-Hop class (if dancer is competing hip-hop)
  • Competitive choreography rehearsals


*Company 2 Team*     – (Competitive)

(Offered exclusively at the Chatham location)

Dancers taking part in this program will have the opportunity to train with guest choreographers and instructors. They are required to attend separate team training and choreography rehearsals as well as weekly technique classes. This team will train 6 hours per week, and will take part in dance competitions, and represent Cassiah’s Dance Company at performances.

Required classes:

  • Competitive technique classes (6 hours)
  • Competitive choreography rehearsals

* Ensemble Teams * 

(available exclusively at our Leamington location)

These teams are catered for dancers who are looking to compete in one specific dance style. We will be offering ensemble teams for Hip-Hop, Jazz and Lyrical. Dancers who are on these teams will learn one competitive dance in the specific style, and will be required to take a corresponding recreational class. These dancers will compete in 3 competitions.

Required classes:

  • Competitive Choreography Rehearsals
  • 1 Recreational class (in the corresponding style)


2017 Team Auditions:

MINI – AGES 3 – 7

JUNIOR – AGES 8 – 12


  Dancers will be guided through a number of dance techniques, and asked to perform a short combo that was taught during the audition. DANCERS DO NOT NEED TO PREPARE ANYTHING FOR THE AUDITION.

Please wear comfortable danceable clothing. If you have dance shoes please bring them.

There will be a $5.00 auditions fee.




Prices for this program will be determined by the number of hours trained per week, and will range from $90.00 to$140.00 per month (plus hst).

Competition fee’s will include:

Registration Fee – due at registration

Monthly Fee – due on the 1st of each month

Choreography Fee’s – due before the choreography is taught

Entry Fee’s – due by December 1st

Costume Fee’s – due by March 1st

**Fee’s will vary from dance to dancer. Please note that competition fee’s may be added throughout the year, but will always be given a minimum of 30 days to make each payment**

For more information about this team please contact Cassiah using the contact form here or calling 519-358-5782.